Italian Agency for Emergency Response

AGIRE is a network of 9 Italian NGOs, which gather in times of humanitarian crises to mobilize private funding and to ensure a timely and effective response to major humanitarian emergencies.


  • To have an effective and large-scale fundraising mechanism capable of significantly increasing the amount of private funding collected in case of humanitarian disasters.
  • To ensure transparency and accountability by informing the public regarding their donations and the impact they have on the ground.
  • To increase awareness and understanding of humanitarian issues among the Italian public.
  • To strengthen the credibility of and confidence in humanitarian NGOs, their effectiveness and their independence.
  • To encourage coordination and exchange of information in the humanitarian community.
  • To draw the attention of the media on humanitarian crises


Thanks to the existence of AGIRE, during humanitarian emergencies, member agencies can appeal to Italian citizens with one voice and with a single spokesperson and communication team, they can provide the public with information on ongoing emergencies and relief operations, they can avoid competition on funding by sharing resources including a single number for donations, a dedicated website and a communication team.
This leaves space for member agencies to concentrate to the difficult task to respond to major humanitarian emergencies, without wasting resources in competing one against another.


Member Agencies are the leading Italian registered humanitarian NGOs which fulfill the Membership Criteria.
These include:
  • To be legally established in Italy
  • To comply with the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief
  • To have at least three consecutive years of certified and public financial budget
  • To have the capacity to respond to humanitarian emergencies in a wide number of countries having the competency to comply with the highest international standards

Currently the following agencies are part of AGIRE’s network:
ActionAid, Amref, CESVI, COOPI, GVC, Oxfam, Sos Villaggi dei Bambini, Terre des Hommes, VIS
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